Merlin ERD Delivers a Wizard Performance

Note the name – Merlin ERD. Scottish Media Training now knows them very well indeed!

The Perth-based company specialises in ERD – Extended Reach Drilling  – and it works with the oil and gas industry to show that fields that were perhaps considered ‘exhausted’ in terms of the viability of getting the hydrocarbons out of the seabed, can have an extended ‘shelf-life’ using these extended reach drilling technologies.

Not only is that far-reaching, but it gives extra years of production to the oil and gas industry. The company’s visionary founder and managing director and renowned Spitfire owner, Iain Hutchison, saw the practicalities of bringing in Scottish Media Training, a media training company based in Edinburgh, Scotland, to assess the companies media training needs

Like any forward-thinking businessman, Iain wanted to ensure both he and his staff, were acquainted with the workings of the media in what is now a demanding 24/7, fast-paced and ever-changing environment.

SMT’s Devin Scobie and Kevin Dorrian spent a half day television and radio training the Merlin ERD team and worked through some fairly intense scenarios aligned to the oil and gas industry. Delighted to report that Iain and his staff were on their game. SMT’s probing questions were met with assertive, robust answers which instilled a great deal of confidence in the management team to face the print and broadcast media whenever the need arises.