Another lockdown – what does this mean for the media?

As England starts another spell of COVID-19 related lockdown and Scotland gets used to a new five tiered system (with Edinburgh, Glasgow and most of the central belt in the second highest level from the outset), what does this mean for the media?

Well, the show must go on.  News on TV, radio, online and even in some newspapers will continue to be needed.  Spokespersons will be in demand as much as ever, especially when a ‘real’ story breaks that isn’t directly pandemic-related.

But with very few exceptions, the days of ‘the media’ coming to you are gone.  Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, Skype and a multitude of new pretenders to the online comms crown snatched by Zoom at the start of the pandemic, are evolving from a temporary normal to the new way things are done. Period.

Luckily our team of comms training experts have seen it all before – and we were one of the first media training companies to adapt to what we saw as the inevitable move to online interviews.

Just two hours of your time will transform your confidence and understanding of this very different ‘new normal’ for being interviewed via your home office PC, laptop or smartphone.

And it’s more cost effective and quicker to arrange than a ‘traditional’ day or half day out of the office.