Media Training

Our practical and strategic media training and coaching courses for businesses and organisations in Scotland will take you to a higher level of media understanding, regardless of your current level of experience.

Today’s media environment makes media training more important than ever. And for more people too. The days of it ‘just’ being celebrities or politicians needing media training are long gone.

And that’s why our media training is based on your individual needs. We’ll talk with you, learn their all about your issues/concerns, assess your needs and tailor your media training session accordingly.

No two programmes are exactly alike.

Media training sharpens your message and polishes your delivery, turning your words into memorable touchpoints with your audience. It’s about elevation — ensuring you’re not just another voice, but one that resonates with distinction.

Scottish Media Training will arm you with the techniques to communicate your value clearly and ensure you stand tall above the crowd.

During our training sessions, we work with you to define all aspects of your communication, from the words you say to all the nuances of your nonverbal communication. The feedback and recommendations we provide are specific to each individual receiving the training.

Our media training does not include class-room-style lecturing. We provide straight-forward guidance, but most of the people we have trained find the greatest value comes from our bespoke simulated media interviews combined with our follow-on appraisal.

We believe that one of the most important objectives in media training is to ensure that messages are presented with substance as well as style — in short, that you deliver in the most clear, concise, and effective manner possible.

Our intensive media training includes:

  • A comprehensive communications audit of your own media coverage / experiences to date (pre-course and on the day)
  • Proven theories and practical formulas covering all types of media.
  • Real life media case studies relevant to your organisation
  • Practice interview skills with experienced media trainers so you get the ‘real feel’ for working in print, radio, and television interview scenarios.

Our courses in Scotland consist of a half day or a full day intensive training – depending on what your requirements are. We can cater for individual tuition, up to a workshop for ten people.

Please contact us via our Contact Form for detailed costing and specifications for all your media, crisis and communication training needs

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