Our USP when media training, either conventionally (those were the days…) or via Zoom since last March has been KEEP IT SIMPLE.  Don’t overload participants with information – keep to the essentials – and that probably explains why we get so much repeat business.
Zoom media training is the now not so new kid on the block and we wanted to remind current and prospective clients of three simple rules that will make your zoom media appearance look more professional – and they won’t cost you a penny.  Just remember your favourite sandwich: B – L – T.
BACKGROUND – a messy, cluttered background doesn’t not say professional, even a the world’s biggest bookcase creates a distraction.  Remember ANY photo on your PC can be used as a background (don’t used the limited zoom default space/meadow type shots).  We use various TV studio backgrounds which we assure you look better than our office!
LIGHTING – subtle back or side lighting works best – never a full on desk spotlight (too much like an interrogation) and even without much sunshine being too close to a window can make you look pale.  On a bright day, natural light is more than enough.
TECHNOLOGY – basic zoom/Teams etc technology is quite sophisticated and you won’t have to do much.  If it’s 5 past the start time log out and in again.  And remember SOUND.  Cute as they are, your clients and colleagues will have limited interest is your beloved pet cat or new puppy – and even less in the noisy toddler or your washing machine on that final spin cycle.  If it’s an important call, there’s no harm in bribing your better half with a large drink if she can keep her calls down or daytime TV on low for half an hour.
You see, BLT! It’s the tasty morsel when you’re engaging in media training. The more ‘bite’ you give it… the more satisfied you’ll feel!
Simple, obvious rules but together you’ll have a far more professional experience,