We realise many businesses, charities and other organisations are getting themselves re-organised after the worst of the pandemic,  so with that in mind and to help businesses and organisations get back on their feet , we have decided to keep  our prices at 2019 levels.

We’ll also be continuing with our very popular ZOOM training sessions , but as the signs that lockdown is beginning to ease,  we are now getting more requests for ‘getting back into the classroom’ – in other words –  ‘real’ media training courses.

As neither of our two senior trainers – or any close friends or families – have had COVID and both had first vaccines, with second ones due soon, we’ve decided from 1 June 2021 we will restart these more traditional in person media training courses.

Initially, we will only do half days initially (c 3.5-4 hrs) and will continue to respect mask and social distance regulations. However,  as both our (new) radio mic and TV camera mic are around two metres long and our playback TV monitor is clearly visible from that distance we reckon we are as safe as can be.

No training equipment will need to be touched or handled by attendees and we’ll have wipes / sanitisers to clean all our equipment after each use.

Handouts will be by pdf/email and any paper/pens/bottled water used is yours to take away.

Best of all, as we said, we’ve help our fees at 2019 levels ……so give us a shout and hopefully we’ll see you soon, although as we indicated zoom courses are shorter and cheaper so that option remains, even if they cannot cover as much as in person.