Presentation Skills Training

Powerful, purposeful performance-filled presentations

Scottish Media Training offers a highly participative programme targeting personnel who want to make their business presentations outstanding. Our unique one day course combines a “creative slide content” workshop which releases your creative skills and tap into your performance talents. Together, our workshops combine to make each delegate’s presentation an unmissable event.

9.30am – 5pm Includes pre-course briefing. Max 8 delegates.


By the end of the workshop delegates will have confirmed how to:

  • Release their unique creativity to design compelling visual content.
  • Use story-boarding techniques to create a powerful narrative.
  • Structure clear, uncluttered, memorable slides.
  • Ensure their slides are aligned with their business brand.
  • Prepare and structure a presentation with confidence and commitment.
  • Use presentation equipment, visual aids and confidence cards effectively.
  • Open, deliver and close a presentation while maintaining composure,
 poise, interest and audience participation.
  • Use their personal brand and natural personality to achieve 
 freshness, professionalism and clarity.
  • Deal effectively with audience participation and questions.
  • Support their organisation’s strategic and operational goals.


Releasing creativity.
  • Designing compelling visual content.
  • Professional design techniques.
  • Structuring and planning the delivery.
  • Beginning and ending strongly.
  • Relaxing and overcoming nervous tension.
  • Choosing the right words, voice and body language.
  • Maintaining interest, variety and commitment.
  • Using natural personality.
  • Tailoring the delivery with multiple practice sessions.
  • Handling participation (including tough questions).
• Delivering team presentations.

Individual objective

By the end of the workshop each delegate will have assembled video evidence to demonstrate their improvement in all aspects of presentation design and delivery.

*Delegates must bring a laptop with PowerPoint and we will require wifi/internet access during the workshop.

Who should attend?

Any member of staff who wants to make their business presentations outstanding and produce creative, compelling thought-provoking slides.

Workshop style

These high-energy and interactive workshops are delivered using a mixture of trainer inputs, discussion, group and individual exercises (all videoed), designed to encourage maximum participation and to allow delegates 
to practise their unique design and delivery skills. Pre-workshop requirements*
Delegates need to supply two slides that are typical in terms of their style and prepare a four minute business presentation to bring to the workshop.

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