Presentation Skills Training

Powerful, purposeful presentations

Scottish Media Training offers a coaching-focused programme targeting individuals who want to make their business/work-related presentations better. Many of the skills used in media training are relevant to anyone keen to improve their confidence and skills presenting, both formally and informally, to groups large and small.

Our unique half day course creates a workshop environment which will release your creative skills and improve your confidence.
Although our course timings are always fully flexible to meet your needs, our recommended maximum is five for our intensive, half day workshops. Years of experience and dozens of satisfied clients has convinced us this format is best.


By the end of the workshop trainees will:

  • See an increase in their own confidence presenting – at any level.
  • Be armed with a lot of detailed, personalised coaching tips and feedback from two of Scotland’s most experienced trainers.
  • Structure clear, uncluttered, memorable presentations.
  • Prepare and structure a presentation with confidence and commitment.
  • Use presentation equipment, visual aids and confidence cards effectively (assuming you’ve asked us for this bit!).
  • Open, deliver and close a presentation while maintaining composure,
 poise, interest and audience participation.
  • Deal effectively with audience participation and questions.

Content will include.

  • Releasing creativity.
  • Structuring and planning the delivery.
  • Beginning and ending strongly.
  • Relaxing and overcoming nervous tension.
  • Choosing the right words, voice, and body language.
  • Maintaining interest, variety, and commitment.
  • Using natural personality.
  • Tailoring the delivery with practice sessions (at least one of which will be filmed and critiqued).
  • Handling participation (including tough questions).
  • Delivering team presentations (if requested).

Who should attend?
Any member of staff, regardless of seniority, who wants to make their business presentations outstanding and who needs a little professional encouragement and support!

*** NEW IN 2024 *** – in response to client requests, we have broadened our range of presentation courses to specifically target CEOs and Board level colleagues.

Our pool of experienced trainers now includes a former UK HR Director of one of Europe’s largest financial companies with over 30 years’ experience presenting and delivering often very complex messages. If that background sounds like what you need, let us know.

Workshop style

These interactive workshops are delivered using a mixture of trainer inputs, discussion, group, and individual exercises (some filmed), designed to encourage maximum participation and to allow delegates to practise their unique design and delivery skills.
Pre-course briefings will be included in our fee, but trainees should prepare a relevant three-minute presentation to deliver on the day.

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