Presentation Makes Perfect……

……Well, not always, but if properly trained and, dare I say, rehearsed, there’s a much better chance your key messages will hit the spot.

Media training remains our core service, and increasingly every type of social media you can imagine as well as more traditional types. But ever more varied presentation skills needs are so much more relevant – and something you should consider sooner rather than later.

The legacy of COVID-19 will outlive us all. But there is absolutely no doubt that a couple of years after ‘in person’ became the norm again, expectations of how someone comes across in a business setting can be measured in seconds rather than minutes, never mind a lengthy business meeting.

That means you will have barely half a minute to catch and keep an audience’s attention, whether that audience is a single sales director or a packed staff AGM. Within our own training team, we have been delivering presentation skills for over 20 years. We have first hand, direct, presentation experience via translators, international sign language, using autocue cameras, being ‘simulcast’ (a live presentation being broadcast), presenting as a hard sell, presenting under oath at a parliamentary committee – and even training those who advise the highest judges in the land on sentencing.

So we’re pretty sure we can handle whatever presentation challenge you need to face. We can calm your nerves, focus your delivery style, wean you off reading speeches and above all give you back your confidence.