Social Media Training

Social Media Training Edinburgh

It’s a minefield isn’t it…all this Social Media stuff? It shouldn’t be. It’s just another communications channel and we’ll show you how it can work for you in our intensive social media training workshop.

Each session is based on proven frameworks and supported by relevant case studies which will give you the confidence to embrace the culture of social media with supreme confidence.

You can:

  • Discover how social media fits into your organisation’s media and communication strategy
  • Learn the rules of engagement for each channel – which social media channels are effective for your business and which one’s are worth leaving well alone.
  • How to write the perfect Blog.
  • Learn how a crisis unfolds in social media, and how social   media can start or escalate a crisis – and what ‘management’ criteria can be deployed to limit any potential damage.
  • Become a confident and compelling social media spokesperson for your organisation.

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Social Media Training in Edinburgh – Tailored to your company’s needs!

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