Why Scottish Media Training

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Why Scottish Media Training

Put simply, we delivery exceptional, bespoke media training packages that enables your people to communicate with confidence

  • Our Scottish media training team are former broadcast and print journalists who have a proven track record across the media landscape.
  • We have expertise in all areas of media – print, radio, television and online.
  • We train spokespeople at every level. Our aim is to hone and upgrade your media skills and communication expertise.
  • We understand media and use rigorous frameworks, proven processes and up-to-date case studies.
  • We use techniques which empower participants to engage with media to promote and protect their organisation’s reputation.
  • We give honest, impartial and detailed appraisal/ feedback from the media’s perspective – which is why so many nationally recognised organisations trust us to ensure spokes-people are compliant with their media policy.
  • We use positive learning techniques, identifying and building on spokespersons’ unique strengths.
  • Our training is focused on tangible outcomes
  • Contact us for detailed costing and specifications for all your media, crisis and communication training needs

Please contact us on our Contact Form for detailed costing and specifications for all your media, crisis and communication training needs.

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