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Sadly, these words are the ones you are most likely to hear from a TV/broadcast journalist in these troubled times. Bear in mind that the sound from a BBC/ITV/Sky interview can and most likely will be used on radio and online as well.

COVID-19 has changed the media environment out of all recognition. Online media interviews are the ‘new normal.’ Our team was one of the first in Scotland to adapt to this changing need and offer dedicated Zoom media training to individuals and small groups at a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional session.

A typical session will take around two hours and cost less than a return train ticket to London.

Our mission is to help businesses and organisations in Scotland and further afield communicate confidently and expertly by Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google or any other online platform.

We have been there for clients in times of crisis or simply to increase confidence, across the digital and social media landscape since it started. We are there for you now when the media rules have changed, potentially for good.

Some specifics: We still offer both ‘in person’ (fully PPE compliant and socially distance rules observed) and ‘zoom’ type training – but the latter has been very popular since March. As zoom courses are shorter, availability tends to be much easier.

All our courses are led by two senior ex journalists working daily in the communications business. Our focus is hands on coaching and practical interview practice with feedback with minimal theory. What we do give largely comes as bullet-point handouts after the course.

Most broadcast media interviews are being done via zoom/Teams etc, so our standard course lasts about two hours and we recommend a maximum of 2 per course. That allows three interviews each plus theory and discussion time.

We offer maximum flexibility. A standard zoom type course lasts about 2 hours, includes three interviews (assuming two participants) but we could include up to four and drop down to two interviews per person.

Flexibility is key so a ‘typical’ zoom course for two persons would cover:

  • an intro about how the news media is working and evolving during the Covid pandemic and any previous media experience
  • what online methods are used (Zoom is a very popular choice, but Microsoft Teams is considered by some to be more secure and others are available such as Facetime, Skype and Google Meet)
  • more about presentation and background noise than we’d normally cover in an in-person course (washing machines can be heard through several walls, for example, – and pets, esp. cats, can undermine a serious interview, also drilling, DIY generally, other family members working online at the same time and, of course, noisy children)
  • preparation for the interview (time, format, live, recorded etc)
  • the importance of identifying key messages
  • at least two, usually three actual interviews with detailed feedback – an audio version of each interview can be emailed afterwards
  • any questions the participant(s) may have for us

Our zoom courses cost £295.00 each for a two-hour course for two people – or three with one less interview.

That fee include all pre course liaison, e-handouts, tech set up etc.

Our only condition is pre-payment as that helps us keep our costs down.

For enquiries – fill in our form or call us on 07900 397 872

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