Important GOOD NEWS about our media training

Summer 2021 is already looking a bit brighter than the long ‘Groundhog’ days of lockdown during 2020. 
Although Covid will be part of our lives for years, most UK adults are now vaccinated and within a few weeks half the population should be fully protected after receiving their second jab.
At Scottish Media Training we have been flat out with zoom training – and this will continue to be offered as a permanent alternative to our ‘in person’ courses.   They last two hours, allow two people to get a little theory and a lot of hands on coaching (3 interviews – each).  Plus a full set of pdf handouts by email. 
They are always fully flexible and always remarkably popular.  We don’t publish fees but we’re pretty certain you won’t find better value from two experienced ex journalists (and a wide pool of associates) working daily in the comms field.
However, our own ‘mini lockdown’ is also easing and we are now offering half day in person courses which allows us to use a camera, proper recording kit, real hands-on coaching etc. Again, format and content fully flexible – beginner or advanced, we’ll put you at your ease.  Almost 100% of our trainees say they enjoyed the course! 
In person courses are available for up to FOUR attendees from 14 June 2021 (we have a few spaces before 6 June and plenty more for zoom sessions). 
All our kit has been thoroughly Dettox cleaned and we use the minimum necessary. We guarantee a minimum of one metre social distancing, most likely more.  Our team (always two) will be masked unless talking from at least two metres and we would ask attendees to wear a mask unless being interviewed.
This assumes coming to your premises although there are training centres we have good deals with if necessary.  Interest and demand has been high and especially refresher courses are strongly recommended.
Incidentally, hearty congratulations to Pam Duncan-Glancy MSP who was a Scottish Media Training participant a few years back and was elected to the Scottish Parliament earlier in May.