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Welcome to Scottish Media Training – dedicated online media training for Scottish businesses, charities and individuals

After COVID-19 has changed the media environment out of all recognition when online media interviews became ‘new normal’, we’re delighted that ‘in person’ media training has resumed.

Our team was one of the first in Scotland to adapt to this changing need forced on us by the lockdown in 2020/2021 and when we exclusively offer dedicated online media training, initially via Zoom  and Microsoft Teams – to individuals and small groups.

We’ve now picked up from where we left off at the beginning of 2020 and are ‘back in the room’, but always very happy to continue to organise ‘virtual’ training when there is a need to do so.

Whatever your preference, our mission is always to help businesses and organisations in Scotland communicate confidently and expertly in press, radio and television media interviews. We have been there for clients in times of crisis or simply to increase confidence, across the broadcast, online digital or social media landscape.

Remember, we are the one-stop-shop for all your media training needs….

For enquiries – call us on 07900 397 872

It is our job to give you the confidence to understand and face today’s media and we do this by providing your people working in trade bodies, SMEs, non-governmental and charities or associations – national membership bodies, housing associations, and individuals facing new challenges, with simple, straightforward training within an agreed budget – and at a very affordable cost. Indeed, our clients agree that our rates beat any other quotes they get! 

We’ve spent our entire working lives in the media. We cut our teeth in local radio newsrooms and newspapers before ‘crossing the divide’ into the world of public and political communications, where our team has amassed nearly a century of experience.

Today’s media landscape is evolving rapidly, even before the pandemic struck, so there has never been a better time to getting a grasp of how this will affect every aspect of your business – and help you communicate your message.

For example, how do you prepare for a national television interview from your dining room table, what distractions must you avoid, what will the media technical needs be – and all this before you even think about answering any questions. How will your business prepare for a major announcement that will impact on the lives of others and have the media scrambling for comment?  How to you leverage digital media to campaign for change and communicate with your customers, shareholders and supporters? Effective media training across all platforms will give you the confidence to do so.

Being media trained will make a significant difference to your business and organisation and let you articulate and champion your cause to the media with confidence. So, what was once this….

So, what was once this….
media training edinburgh
Has become this….

Remember, at Scottish Media Training in Edinburgh, we focus on several key areas:

  • Online – via your choice of Video Conferencing Platform – media training (90-120 minute courses, typically)
    We are also happy to do safe, socially distanced in person media training at your chosen location (half or full days)
  • Crisis Media Training – in person or online
  • Business Communication Training
  • Our sessions include local and national newspapers, TV, radio, digital/online, how to create distinct social media campaigns and much more – always tailored to your needs.

Corporate bodies, companies and organisations of all shapes and sizes simply never know when they’ll have their CEO or Director thrust in the limelight. It’s much better to be fully prepared than not!

Please contact us through our Contact form for a costing within 24 hours and specifications for all your media, crisis and communication training needs.