March-ing on – a busy month for Scottish Media Training

The third month into 2016 and we’re busy dealing with a dozen enquiries for media and presentation training.

What’s more, already this year, we’ve trained groups of staff from BIG organisations like APS – the Association of Project Safety, had three media training days with staff from NHS Health Scotland, had our third day with The Scotland Malawi Partnership  and two days Presentation Training from SSERC – Scottish Schools Education Research Centre.

Next month, two days have been booked by the National Trust for Scotland and some smaller charities as well. Indeed, some days have been booked as far ahead as October.

What’s our secret? Nothing more than a dogged, pragmatic approach to keep things simple and ensure our approach is very much in keeping with the wants and needs of each client…..and this is a style liked by everyone we work with!

That might sound a bit cliched, but the truth is – we want individuals from every organisation we train to feel empowered and confident by their ‘performance’  in the press, on radio or on television and we put an enormous amount of work into ensuring this is always the case.

That’s also why we get repeat businesses. Organisations are coming back to us, because we deliver EXACTLY what they require us to do and the feedback from their staff is continually positive.

Moreover, our new module on Presentation Training is also going down well.

We want to ensure that anyone involved in making a presentation – perhaps to Shareholders or a Board of Directors – has the confidence to handle even the most ‘testing’ of situations – when they are called to the lectern.

All in all – Scottish Media Training is quietly and effectively becoming a ‘go-to’ company for businesses and organisations who want to sharpen and hone their media and presentation training skills.