Devin on BBC Radio Scotland

bbc radio scotland logoFor ‘Media Trainer’ read ‘Interviewee”, as Radio Scotland’s Kaye Adams, turns the spotlight on Scottish Media Training’s very own Devin Scobie to discuss media training our politicians.

The subject of media training politicians from across the UK political spectrum was brought sharply into focus on BBC Scotland’s “The Kaye Adams Programme” recently by none other than Scottish Media Training’s, Devin Scobie.

Devin was asked to appear in a live broadcast to discuss why our politicians are media trained, after the SNP’s Mhairi Black admitted recently that she had undergone training herself to make sure she understood the key presentation techniques, particularly for television interviews.

As you will hear from the interview below, Devin gave a good account of the reasons why media training is so important, not just for our politicians, but also for anyone who finds themselves facing the print or broadcast media.

Media Training is the answer to ensure you make the most out of these situations.

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