How do I book Scottish Media Training?

Just or WhatsApp us via our simple enquiry form with some details of your requirements. We usually email you back within 24 hours with a short, informal proposal. That way you’ve got everything except a date to start working with us – but that bit’s up to you.

So, what information do you need from me?

The first details we need are just numbers of people to be trained and at what level (most clients opt for our ‘general’ course which covers TV, radio, press and the basics of social media) tailored to their previous experience – if any). From there we’ll work out a single, fully inclusive cost – and then find a date that works for everyone.

How long does a typical media training session take?

We’ve trained over 2000 people since the late 1990s. We’ve had breakfast sessions, evening sessions, event weekenders with very liquid dinners in the middle – not recommended. Add in Covid-19 and few people working in offices full time, and we reckon we have developed the perfect half day / 4-hour model. We can do longer/full days, but our half days are pretty full-on interview/coaching sessions led by two of the UK’s most senior trainers so please believe me that after fours you will feel like you’ve done a weekend’s work!

Do you work with clients across the UK?

We are based in Edinburgh and most of our clients are based in Scotland. Our basic fee will cover travel to your premises in the central belt – but we regularly go much further. We regularly train NFUS Board members from across Scotland, Dundee’s Abertay and St Andrew’s historic universities are clients and most weeks we’ll be in Glasgow at least once. Even if we need to travel a bit further, we’ll keep everything to cost price or include in the fee.

Do you offer online courses?

Yes, absolutely. When Covid-19 struck, we were one of the first to ‘convert’ in-person media training to online courses via Zoom or Teams. Whilst we believe there’s nothing better than face to face training, there will be times where virtual training is required and we will be delighted to accommodate this. Please get in touch if this is of interest. Online courses are usually about two hours long.

What other training is on offer?

We can help with any situation where you need practice and/or confidence speaking publicly. Presentation Training, for example, is part of the media training family, but the audience is distinctly different. You may be speaking to a room full of shareholders or giving a keynote address at an important conference or seminar.

Perhaps you are taking a roadshow around the country to different offices. Whatever the possibilities, we will help shape your content, talk you through the various nuances of your approach and critique your entire approach to ensure you always remain ‘on message’.

We can also prepare you for appearing in front of Parliamentary committees either at Holyrood or Westminster. Our extended team of freelance associates includes former elected members at all levels so if you want a realistic grilling from a real MP or MSP, we can make it happen.

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