Your training budget. Any room left for Media Training? It is ‘savvy’ companies who invest in media training. After all, you just never know when that journalist call might be the difference between protecting your reputation …or having the potential to severely damage it.  Some ‘savvy’ companies and organisations spend their training budgets wisely with Scottish Media Training, because they want their staff to be PREPARED! So, think long and hard about what the media might say about you, if you cannot offer up ‘your side’ of the story in the way they’d like to hear it. Damaging your reputation is not a price worth paying, but protecting it certainly is.

The summer months have seen the Scottish Media Training’s Devin Scobie and Kevin Dorrian  travelling as far as north as Forres in The Highlands and across the central belt as we continue to create bespoke media training programmes for a raft of great organisations. Indeed, we’ve been running an assortment of programmes through this summer for staff at The University of Abertay, The National Trust for Scotland, small career advisory group Women Returners and the renowned LGBT charity Stonewall.

These organisations are bonded with one goal – to ensure they have management and staff who are confident and capable ‘ambassadors’ should the media ever come calling.  How to deal with the print and digital press, how to be an effective television and radio ‘voice’ and how to effectively manage a social media presence are all part of our modular training programme.

Don’t hesitate, get in touch. Our ability to make your staff confident media-savvy practitioners is paramount and as we always say, we’re the most cost effective training company around for both half day and full day programmes.

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