Feeding The Needs of a News-Hungry Media

This week, we carried out media training for Scottish Natural Heritage, an august body which looks at, amongst other things, the protection of our marine and coastal habitats. Typically, the media have knocked on their door before and whilst they have exceptionally good staff who can eloquently feed the media with the comment and information they seek, SNH had the foresight to call us in and spend time with some of their team just to ensure we can they have the knowledge to expertly ‘handle’ the interview.

We switched on the TV camera and the radio mics, and took them through four interview ‘scenarios’.. each one better than the last. Intensive training – yes, and with some key message development training and social media training thrown into the mix, we gave them the training they needed to be confident communicators. Of course, the media doesn’t come knocking on the door everyday….but when it does, the intensive training gleaned from our session with SNH will pay off handsomely.

The same can be said for some of the other organisations we’ve helped this year. Organisations such as The British Dental Association (BDA)  – in fact one of our ‘trainees’ appeared on BBC Reporting Scotland not long after we had coached him – Quality Meat Scotland, National Farmers Union Scotland, University of Abertay, amongst many others – there is one common theme here… they may, at any time, have the media knocking on their door. It is our job to ensure they are armed with the technique and confidence to give the media exactly what they need and represent their organisation in the best possible light.

Next year, we enter a new era, politically. Brexit looms on the horizon as does the issue of IndyRef 2, so the need for media training, in our view, increases for organisations.

Correct messaging, interview preparation and techniques, research, knowing which social media channels are effective and so many more issues will be essential for businesses and we can be a trusted partner to ensure that no stone is left unturned in providing the vital support needed. After all, we have trained over 1000 delegates – proof in itself that effective media training is valued by hundreds of organisations.