Can you deliver an effective and compelling ‘Interview Performance’ of a Life Time ?

That of course is a question nobody can give a perfect answer to. Effective and compelling interviews are complex beasts. We’ve all seen many ‘out take’ programmes on TV – reporters ‘corpsing’,  interviewees completely stuck for words and what might have been a very well packaged TV interview then gets consigned to being part of a One Hour Prime Time television programme. – not a performance of a lifetime many of us would consider appropriate!

Humiliation and derision like that of course shouldn’t be such a burden if people are properly prepared for their interview in front of the lens and we’ve all seen some ‘horror’ performances, haven’t we?

Many folk say to us, ‘I don’t think there will ever be a time when I am likely to face the TV camera or get called into do a radio interview?’


Don’t bet against it. The media come calling for an interview at any time. If your press release hits a TV station and the story illicits further investigation, prepare yourself! Better still, let us do that – it’s our job to prepare your performance..

Let Scottish Media Training take all the word blindness, stuttering and nervousness out of the situation and we’ll create the right opportunity for you to be the compelling and confident voice behind your organisation’s key messaging across the radio network or television studio.

You may find the experience initially quite daunting, there again, it may not phase you at all, but learning from us will prepare you for what lies ahead

Give us a call and you’ll join some very significant and prominent businesses and organisations who come back to us time and again to ensure they have the skills required to make your broadcast media interview memorable for all the right reasons. You will be in good company.