We’ll give you a ‘Digital Voice’ that will be heard far and wide – Social Media Training Edinburgh

Social Media Training Edinburgh for Charities and Voluntary Organisations

Has anyone in your charity or voluntary organisation in Scotland suggested that social media ‘might’ just be the prime mover to effectively communicate and assert your position as a ‘go to’ third sector organisation?

Social media is nothing fanciful. It is NOT the saviour of a flagging marketing mix, nor do you have to be spending huge bucks on a three day social media course which will not only dent your bank balance, but leave you punch drunk with so many claims that it is the new messiah ( it isn’t)  and the world around you will simply not function without it ( it will )

Social Media – regardless of the ‘tools’ you choose to use – its simply another communications channel.

Sure, it is something everyone should be aware of and involved with and a ‘top down’ way of executing a social media strategy, is always a sure-fire winner. Get your management team involved and enthused is clearly a very important element in making sure everyone buys into the social media agenda.

Staff training is vitally important to ensure your key staff have a grasp of the fundamentals and Scottish Media Training Edinburgh is a great believer in providing social media training at a budget which suits.

A half day’s Social Media training in Edinburgh, Scotland for your charity or voluntary organisation may be all that is needed and armed with our carefully honed and packaged step-by-step tuition to make your organisation be heard above the rest and give you a ‘digital voice’ that will be heard far and wide.