How would the line ‘Yesterday’s papers telling Yesterday’s News’ now sit?

Today, he may well have written “Today’s Paper’s telling Yesterday’s News?

The Brexit result is yet another example of the national newspapers playing catch up … and getting the result all wrong in the process. Even the pro-Brexit papers this morning are headlined for Remain. Their job is of course to report the news as they see it, but none saw the surge of support for Brexit coming.

By the time the printing presses closed late last night, it was a done deal for Remain. In Tesco this morning, the newspaper stand was full of the nationals with a ‘Remain’ story on the front page!

The rapidity of change to a Brexit vote was beginning to gather pace from the announcement of the first half dozen results. Yes, the pollsters got it wrong (again!) and the print editions of the newspapers cannot react to change what has already been subbed and edited.

National daily print media is fast becoming the media ‘dinosaur’ and little wonder the shift to digital and social media with the strength of interaction and engagement is now the mainstream.

When we, as Scottish Media Training, conduct our training sessions we always ask for a show of hands based on the question. – “Who bought a newspaper on the way here this morning?

I’ll let you guess what the general response is….That’s right! There is never a show of hands. National newspapers are bought by a generation which may not ready consume digital news and as newspapers continue their circulation decline, how long before others follow the Independent out of print and onto a digital only platform? Time will tell.