Parliamentary Training – get it on your radar for 2020

Whither 2020?
How relevant is your need for Parilamentary Training? The Scottish Parliament and Westminster resume business again in early January and we suspect business/client interactions with both will increase and be of greater relevance.  This would be a good time to remind readers that we offer parliamentary committee training (led by ex MSPs and MPs including one who lost her seat just in December).  And, of course, our more familiar media and presentation training courses – always entirely flexible – are as busy as ever.  
Parliamentary Training for committees are often assumed to be like an extended media interview but, in reality, they are anything but.   At Holyrood, a typical witness appearance will last at least an hour, is always live, and will be webcast globally – and be archived permanently. Often you will be in a ’round table’ format with competitors and/or a relevant trade association.  Our training focuses on the individuals who make up the relevant committee(s) you will be appearing before as well as extended Q and A sessions on the key issue(s) you are likely to face.
With Brexit now confirmed for 31 January, we expect that to be the main focus of political business and then the implications of the ‘transition’ year which will follow is likely to have the greatest impact on UK companies.  Parliamentary Training post Brexit will be an option for many businesses and organisations. At least the threat of a third ‘snap’ election is gone now that Boris Johnson has his substantial majority but in Scotland attention will be turning to regional list selections for all parties bar the Greens who completed theirs last year.   The Libs Dems have now started theirs with Labour and the Conservatives expected to follow soon. 
Both the UK Lib Dems and UK Labour parties will be seeking new leaders from smaller pools of MPs and, in Scotland, Labour will be seeking a new Deputy Leader following Lesley Laird losing her Kirkcaldy seat last month. Needless to say, we will follow all three races closely.
One last thing …. HAPPY NEW YEAR from Devin, Kevin, Mark and the team at Scottish Media Training 🙂